Friday, August 16, 2013

New Baby, New Classes, New Me

Many brand new beginnings are happening in our lives.  My daughter was born in late April, bring the sweet softness only a much anticipated child can bring.  Since her birth, I have been absolutely enveloped with the full hearted love of family... again. Her big brother adores her and has been wonderfully affectionate and protective.  It was not an easy birth, but it was transformative. Now, I'm a mother of two. Now I am at peace with my previous birth and am healing well from both at once.  Two Cesarean births when we planned and hoped for completely natural ones have shaped me, but not defined me.

Belly Dance and birth have a long, intertwined history. When there was no separation of things sacred and daily life and the fertility of people and land (near you) was crucial to survival, what eventually was called belly dance played a key role in setting intentions and asking for help from the Divine.

Today, it remains a path of healing and connection to our spirits in a world that often separates us from it. It exercises the body, focuses and strengthens the mind and frees the Soul. A creative outlet in a supportive atmosphere, Belly Dance classes offer respite from our daily grind. After an hour of enticing movement and enchanting music, we are renewed, more energized and more familiar with our True and incredible selves.

Though I started belly dancing over 20 years ago, and started teaching belly dance about 15 years ago, I know this class starting in the Fall will be new because I am new. It will be new because I will always have new students and their perspectives and experience will be unique.

Please join me for this class in a beautiful down town Pittsburgh studio!! The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Education Center is the location and the sponsors are quite wonderful. They truly do "Trust Arts".
You can register and find more information at:

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