Saturday, December 21, 2013

Belly Dance Fitness Classes in Pittsburgh, PA

Classes at the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Ed Center will take on a new focus starting in January!

Join us and get fit belly dance style! Belly dance works more than your belly and hips- its a whole body dance! Youll strengthen muscles and get your heart rate up with a dance that celebrates life! Start with a yoga warm up to stretch and strengthen, then move on to isolations that increase body awareness and tone. Follow me through fun and energetic movements and combinations. Youll have such a great time dancing to the intoxicating music, youll forget its exercise!

Also starting in January, I'll be offering private and semi-private lessons in my home studio! Choose your topic of focus- stage performance, presence, emotional expression, combinations, solo improv, chakra balancing through belly dance, props, or any other area you'd like to work on. Or, leave it to me to find something fun and interesting. Prices follow:

1 person- $60/hour ($50/hour until January 30th!)
2 people- $70/hour ($60/hour until January 30th!)
3 people- $84/hour ($78/hour until January 30th!)
4 people- $100/hour ($88/hour until January 30th!)

Send me an email - narah (at) me (dot) com - to set up an appointment on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings; or Saturday or Sunday afternoons.