Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Belly Dance Flash Mob in Pittsburgh, PA

photo by Erin Lasswell

Wow!!! If I had known earlier that this was happening and it would not have totally ruined the surprise, I would have mentioned this here beforehand. Oh, and since every single minute was completely full before then, it just was not going to happen.  But, you get to see the results here! 

So, I got a message at 1:00am proposing I get together 10 dancers for a belly dance flash mob for the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust's Gallery Crawl a week later.  Now, I have been a solo artist for a long time- an improvising solo artist. And with a teething 5 month old, a 6 year old and a husband scheduled to go out of town 2 of those days before the performance, this idea all sounded a bit impossible. Get something choreographed, find enough dancers available on short notice and willing to practice the way one needs to to have something performance ready in a matter of days?  No... just, no. But, something kept telling me, "Just say 'Yes'." So, I said yes. And even though I was gone and busy most of Saturday, I got the song picked out and choreographed and had gathered enough pro dancers by Sunday night. And I chose so well! I mean, just look at them! See how beautifully they move? This choreography was ready! It was an amazing and inspiring experience and I am feeling really empowered about accepting challenges despite the odds. These ladies were so fun to work with!! Annie Cothran, Susan Unsuk Goelz, Kate Stapleton, Maqui Ortiz, Sarah Orris, Jenn Senn and Jennifer Jemeena M are the lovely and talented dancers who joined me. 

If you would like to join me for classes, they start October 10th.  Classes will run Thursdays 6:30-7:30 until November 21st. No class October 31st, of course. It's Halloween!!! :D The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Education Center (805-807 Liberty Ave. Downtown Pittsburgh) is the location of the classes. The studio is absolutely gorgeous and easy to get to. Parking is very accessible in the parking garage practically across the street at 9th street in the "Smithfield/Liberty" parking garage